Willkommen auf meinem Webprofil – Hier können Sie mich, meine Ideen und meine beruflichen Aktivitäten näher kennenlernen

Welcome to my homepage – I ´d like to introduce myself. Please enjoy browsing through an overview of my professional activities and ideas

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Dr. Ulrike Laufer, Am Broenngen 29, 45149 Essen, +49 (0) 201-7291927



2 thoughts on “Willkommen

  1. I enjoyed your article on the Trutzschler company and family. I am seeking a photo of Bruno Trutzschler. I understand he was very active in marksmanship (shooting sports) in the 1930’s.
    I am researching a sword given to Bruno in 1936 as a shooting prize.
    Thank you for any assistance you might provide.

    • Dear John Lawson, how did you meet Bruno Trützschler? Did you live in Saxony in the 1930s? And first of all, I´m very curious to here more about the sword.
      Kindest Regards Ulrike

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